Koyo Seiga Co., Ltd.


Regarding materials

・Is it possible to use them for exterior wall ?
Yes, because the tiles are made from Ibushi Kawara which is used on roofs in Japan.
As the product does not have joints, please use water resistant material underneath.
・What is the water absorption rate of tiles ?
It is around 5 % and 0.95 % for Momo.
・Are they available in other colors ?
No, because the color of KOYOIBUSHI tiles is not glaze but the natural carbon color which comes from the traditional Japanese technique of Ibushi. However we could make an alternation such as to have tiles in all silver so please ask.

Regarding installation

・What do you recommend for adhesive ?
Please use interior type modified silicone adhesive. For the products with joints, we recommend to use black color adhesive, as can see the connected part through gaps. Do not use grout. The color of the adhesive will give deep joint finish.
・Anything to be careful about ?
As our products are unglazed, the fingerprint might give the tiles an oil stain. Please use gloves when installing tiles.
Also, please do not use any adhesive tape as it will peel off the Ibushi silver on surface.
・Is it possible to cut tiles ?
Yes, you can cut them with stone cutter. With silver color product, the Ibushi silver may crack.

Regarding products

・Is it possible to order different shape ?
Yes, we could accept a small lot order as they are handmade. Please do not hesitate to ask.
To give you an idea, if it is for wall or floor, the 300mm square would be the largest size.
The thickness may be altered. The flat design tile is also possible.
・Do you have stock ?
Yes but the stock is limited so we recommend to inquire ahead of the time. The production requires 1 to 2 months if it is out of stock.
・Why Momo is so light ?
Unlike other products, MOMO is made from a special ceramic called “bubble ceramic” . This ceramic is made from no water absorption material. Upon firing, it makes independent bubbles with air inside so the ration is approximately 0.85. It is so light that it can float on water.
・Does MOMO have high-strength ?
Momo is porcelain tile which was fired at 1250C°, the same temperature as the tiles for exterior use. As a result, it is resilient towards rain, wind, snow, temperature change and UV light. Momo, thus, can be used for both exterior and interior. However, the bend strength is low so it is not suitable for floor.

Regarding your inquiry & purchase

・Is it possible to purchase ?
The general flow of purchasing process is our quotation→ purchase order→ pre-payment →shipment.
It takes about a week for delivery if your order is in stock. If not, it will require 1 to 2 months for production and shipment so please inquiry a head of time.
We ask the payment by bank transfer or by paypal.
・What are the prices ?
They are open price. Please make your inquiry directly to us online or by email.
Please advise the name of the product, estimated or fixed quantity, delivery date so that we can send you a quote including shipping fee.
・Can we have samples ?
We provide free samples but the freight is at your charge. Please contact us online or by email.
・Do you have any distributor in other countries ?
We have an agent in New York and in London. We can of course sell to other countries as well. In any cases, the products will be shipped from Japan.